Celebrate the Dance

Feis will take place August 4th & 5th, 2017

Registration will open in May



Irish Step Dancing

The explosive growth of interest in Irish Step Dancing seen in the last five years of thestep-dancing past century may have eased a bit recently, but considerable passion remains still. In 2014 about 1000 competitors gathered in Dublin, Ohio to dance, to sing, to play their musical instruments, and to display their artistry and skills to the gathered throngs… and the judges. Surely every participant was a winner, having garnered the prize of comradery and joy in the richness of this shared experience.

We celebrate the heritage and traditions of our Irish lineage through the art and the crafts that were carried in the hearts and hands – and feet – of so many souls who left the land of their birth. At the Twenty-Fifth Annual Columbus Feis the celebration was joyous indeed. step-dancing2Competitors from the first Columbus Feis, many of them now Irish Dance teachers, were invited to reunite and dance on the Irish Thunder Stage at the Dublin Irish Festival on Saturday evening. This was not competition, but rather an opportunity to gather and celebrate the artistry of movement so much a part of their lives.

For while competition can sharpen skills and encourage the pursuit of excellence it is good to remember that joyful celebration of life and a sense of the gathered community are at the heart of the dance.

Look for further opportunities to celebrate our rich Irish heritage in the future at the Columbus Feis. And don’t forget to visit the Dublin Irish Fesitval which opens Friday and runs through Sunday evening later this year.